Dare Olson works with world class brands and creators.

Brand deals are paid opportunities for popular creators to partner with an established brand to create bespoke promotional content.

Nathan Barnatt
Billy Zane
Pauly Shore


As both a producer and director of photography, Dare Olson has worked with world famous brands and influencers to bring innovative content to help drive sales. Whether it was launching a new camera in partnership with Canon, promoting the Super Bowl for Pepsi, Star Wars Merchandise for JCPenny or artistic rights for Creative Future, Dare Olson always delivers fresh ideas with speed and professionalism.

Beautiful Partnerships

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Partnered with Steve-O from Jackass fame to bring awareness around issues of copyright infringement. 

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Partnered with the Disney and Youtube sensation Markiplier to create a series of comedic promos.

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Partnered with Canon Cameras, Japan to promote the release of the Vixia X camera with this short action movie. 

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Partnered with Pepsi  to create series of videos promoting the half-time show of the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl.


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