Non-fiction work

Collaboration with writer-director Troy Duffy

Derek has teamed with legendary writer-director Troy Duffy of Boondock Saints fame to produce and direct a series for Fullscreen called “Mind of Troy.” The series follows Duffy and his longtime friends as they relive their past glories and create hilarious new content for Duffy’s Medieval satire sketch show “The Good King.” The show will premiere in 2020. 

In this premiere episode of “Mind of Troy,” writer-director Troy Duffy and Boondock Saints star David Della Rocco react and relive their experiences making the cult classic film. Della Rocco was Duffy’s real-life boss at the bar where he worked when he wrote the script and Duffy insisted, against all advice, he be cast him in the film. 


As a documentary filmmaker and journalist, Derek has interviewed thousands of people in his career, including celebrities, politicians as well as plenty of regular folks.