Contact me with a brief description of your vision and the problem you are trying to solve. 

Creative Network

Derek has worked in Los Angeles for like 14ish years. If he can’t get it done, he’ll just call someone who knows how to do it and ask them and then, he’ll get it done, either way. 

Premium Quality

Utilizing Cinema quality tools and software to make your videos look like The Avengers, only better. Also available in other genres.


Derek has written, produced, shot and directed hundreds of videos, short films, branded content pieces and worked on feature films. 

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How much do you charge for Director of Photography work?

Usually in the neighborhood of one million dollars. However, I can work within your budget if the project is right. 

How much do you charge for Directing work?

My flat rate for directing starts at $5k per minute. 

How much to you charge for producing?

I don’t charge for Producing, I make it up in the back end baby. This is Hollywood.  

What kind of projects do you accept?

I accept projects that are creatively challenging with high aims. I don’t have time for garbage. Get out of here with that. Now wash up, it’s time for dinner.

What makes you the best person for the job?

I am not the best for every job, I’m the BEST for every job. 

Why aren't your services cheaper/free?

What is money but a social construct? One that denotes the value of that which is rendered and delivered. 

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